top places to find cheap new, used or rental college textbooks for students

Top Websites to Buy or Rent Cheap College Textbooks

Buying textbooks in your college bookstore can get expensive really quickly. The worst part is, you may never get to sell them and make some of your money back. Either a new edition comes out or there is a new text assigned for the course. Instead of getting stuck with overpriced college textbooks you may never get to use, you can purchase or rent your college textbooks online for cheap. Some of these websites offer free shipping or discount codes to make getting college textbooks even more affordable for students. 

If you are not satisfied with your purchase or you find that the text may not be so useful during the semester, you have the option to return and get your full refund with no questions asked. Before you go shopping at the bookstore, check these websites and compare the prices, it will save you big

The top websites you can buy used, new or rent textbooks for cheap in college


Amazon is everyone’s go-to website for everything, but did you know amazon has a textbook store. On amazon, you can save up to 90% by buying cheap, used or new textbook. It is also one of the few sites that allows you trade your used text. That textbook sitting on your shelf, it’s time to trade it in for your next semesters textbook. College students get amazon prime 6-month trial for free and two-day free shipping on all college essentials including textbooks. Sign me up for amazon prime already!


Ecampus is another website to rent buy or sell textbooks for cheap prices. If you do not like the clutter of textbooks laying around, they also have eTextbook options available. They allow you earn rewards that can be redeemed as discounts towards your next purchase. You can return your purchase within 25 days regardless of the reason. 


Chegg is more than a hub for cheap college textbooks. They also have solutions to assignments and live tutors ready 24/7 to help with assignments in almost every subject. On their website you can find coupons or message customer service if you need help. Their motto is “saving broke students one textbook at a time”.


Campusbookrentals is a website that allows you rent books at very affordable prices for a flexible period of time. The great thing is, they let you highlight the textbooks for your own understanding. They also give discount codes to make renting your textbooks even cheaper. Within 21 days you can return the textbooks for a refund with no questions asked.


Thriftbooks is more of a community for readers. You can buy new or used textbooks for low prices. If you are a huge fan of reading, you will love thriftbooks because you also get to buy novels and inspirational books on their website.


Textbookly makes the search for textbooks quick easy and short. All you need to do is plug in the ISBN or authors name in the search bar. It compares the prices of the text across different retailers and all you need to do is click on the best price fit. Instead of going to each website individually to check the price, textbookly helps you find the price

This is another place to find course textbooks to buy or sell at low prices. They have a 30-day return policy on purchased textbooks


Biggerbooks specializes in selling highly discounted books and textbooks. You can rent, buy or sell your own textbooks on biggerbooks. If you are looking to make some extra money, you can do that by selling your textbooks on biggerbooks and getting paid for it. To be eligible for a refund on your purchase, you have to return the books within 25 days from the day it was originally shipped.


You can buy or rent your textbooks at really cheap prices on valorebooks. All rentals come with free shipping and a 30-day money back guarantee. Valorebooks also offers you the option to make extra money in college. You can sell tons of textbooks at once with the highest sellback prices when you use them and all books you ship to them for sale are free shipping.

You can save money and make money by shopping for your college books online. Before you go into the book store spending hundreds of dollars on a book you may never get to use, check these websites for your texts first

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