thoughtful graduation gifts ideas that friends and families will love. It is cheap and budget friendly so you don't have to worry about breaking the bank

Thoughtful Graduation Gift Ideas for College Grads

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With graduation season around the corner, you are probably wondering what to get a friend or family member who is about to begin another phase of life

Don’t worry, I got you with a list of possible good gift ideas for their college graduation

Of course, you can always shop around for other things however, since it’s a college graduation you want it to be at least thoughtful or useful. Adulting is quite hard, and you want to ensure that you make it as easy for them as you can. The best part is, these gift ideas are cheap and budget friendly. And it really doesn’t matter if it is a girl or guy, they are essentials for surviving the next phase of life

Picture Collage

You want to help them savor amazing college memories, a collage would be a great essential for that. A side by side picture of those moments and graduation pictures would be nice addition to their home or office desk


College is done, now they can happily wander.  Whether they are traveling around the world or moving into a new apartment, a suitcase is always a must have

Coffee Maker

Busy day? Sounds like every day of an adults life. For some reason life gets a whole lot busier when you are growing up and all you need is a boost. A little coffee maker won’t do any harm and it saves them from spending on the overpriced coffee at their local coffee store. So help them skip the wait and save the money. Why not?

Phone Mount Holder

 Remember life gets a lot busier, Job hunting becomes more stressful. Help make their Job interview and unending errands easy with a nice car phone mounter


Some inspiration for downtime or simple practical adulting advice would be good. What better way than a nice uplifting book. A personal favorite of mine is slight edge by Jeff Olson and the One Thing by Gary Keller

Kitchen Set

Who doesn’t love a good cooking set? Especially now that they have to move out of mum’s house and take care of themselves. Meal prep is a budget friendly time saver but they really can’t do it without kitchen utensils

Essential Tool Kit

For their everyday quick fixes, they need a tool kit. They don’t always need to call an expert, they can DIY

Gift Card

You don’t know their taste or they are just picky, get a gift card. A gift card that they will actually use will be great. Not the fanciest but it’s the thought that counts

  • I love how you said that a picture collage is a great idea for a graduation gift because it will help the graduate savor their memories. I think that another way to help them cherish their memories would be to get them a gift that is a reminder of their graduation year and class. My older brother is graduating from college next month, so I want to find him something that will commemorate his graduation year.

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