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Alright! I have a knack for finding good deals and I always come through with the tips, tricks, hacks or whatever you want to call it whenever you want it! Most of these websites I discovered being an avid spender and having made some money mistakes myself I try to plan better. At least now I know it wasn’t all for nothing.
Just a quick note: if there is more that you think is great and isn’t already listed please let me know.
Also, always make sure you are on your country’s version of the site or at least choosing you country’s currency for a more accurate experience.


CREDIT KARMA: I hate that I had to mention this first because it is not a money saving app. However, we need to get our finances in order and make sure we are working on our credit first before we start spending right?. Credit Karma is a credit score app that helps you keep a tab of your credit score and activities on your credit card. As you know, credit is really important in this part of the world and the earlier you start monitoring it the better for you. I personally find that when you have that app and your credit history stares at you every day and you don’t like it, you will feel motivated to do something about it. Trust me!


FLIPP: Flipp is a price matching app for grocery stores and supermarkets. Not all stores accept it but most of the big box retailers you visit every day do. Basically, you find the item you are looking to purchase in the store on the app. It shows you all the prices that product goes for in all the other big box stores or just regular stores. You pick the cheapest store. Show it to the cashier and she gives you for the cheapest price. Amazing isn’t it? You see it a lot in stores, especially with older people. When they waste your time in line trying to match prices on newspapers. Ugh, that is so annoying. It’s the same just without the newspapers and the mess. Technology is everything!


FIRMOO.COM: This site has saved me literally hundreds of dollars I am not kidding. If you use prescription glasses or just looking to shop for glasses you will love this site. Instead of going to Hakim or your nearest optical store to buy glasses for upwards of $200 all you need if go online. Go online, upload your prescription, select the frame you want from their amazing selection of styles, customize it as you like, pay as low as $20 bucks and expect your prescription glasses in the mail. Can’t get any better? But it does! Sometimes, they do buy one get one promotion. That means instead of paying $400 in your optical store you are getting two glasses online for $20. The only bad thing is once you start you won’t stop and I am not even kidding. Before I forget, sometimes the shipping companies may charge you for import duties because customs are unpredictable but don’t worry firmoo refunds the charge.
Those are the coupons to make it a lot cheaper and they still work. I will keep you updated if there are any other changes.


EXPEDIA.COM: if you like to travel then this is great. I am sure a lot of you are already familiar with Expedia or the other ones like booking.com, Travelocity If you are not, it is essentially a travel website or app where you can book flights, hotel, and vacations for cheap Note: Before you go online booking your hotel and flight separately, try booking it as a combo on these websites. It will literally save you hundreds/thousands of dollars.


EBATES.COM: This one really great! I haven’t used it but people always rave about it so I am eager to try it. You get deals and promotions from all your favorite stores from high end to the lowest end. Not even kidding it has makeup stores, shoe stores, clothing stores, Amazon almost everything. You don’t just get good promotions you also get CASH BACK. You don’t just save money, you also make money. Sounds like an investment to me.


REDFLAGSDEALS.COM: I haven’t used redflagdeals yet so I cannot really talk from experience. However, it is popular and also a good alternative for saving on purchases. You get coupons (even McDonalds) promotions and also see trending hot sales in different popular stores. I will try it and tell you how it goes.


Groupon: This is also a good one for finding coupons and promotions on different experiences from Tavel to spa treatments. You may not find promotion for popular places but if you don’t mind trying other places then go for it. I will try to keep the list updated so you can save all year round! 

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