Easter celebration

Reasons why I hate Easter!

RI like Easter because you get the day off but that’s all there is to it¦..

Easter really isn’t that holiday I look forward to.

Honestly, sometimes I forget that there’s a holiday like Easter

It really isnt my favourite season. Boxing Day isnt even a holiday here and I look forward to it more than I do Easter.

And yes Im Christian. And yes I still dont like Easter and you will see why

What inspired this post?

My boyfriend called, and said he wasnt able to get Easter off because he did not bid early.

I was like hunh? It took me a minute to realize that we are approaching the Easter holiday

Then I asked, Can you see if you can get it off still?

Then he said he doesn’t think so.

I was like thats fine but normally I would push because I do like taking the holidays off to chill with family and friends.

A Easter is just one of those holidays you didn’t feel like happened even after it happened for some reason

Too Grown

Too Grown: Being a young adult, I am constantly in my space. If I am not in my space, I am with other people within my age group. There is no way we are painting Easter eggs, singing rabbit songs and sounding like rabbits, dressing up like bunnies, eating horrible tasting Easter egg chocolates. Honestly, the list goes on.

Easter celebration
Aint nobody got time for that. TF?

It’s cool if you do that as a family with your kids and it is a nice bonding time. Maybe my opinions will change when I have a family but as a proud Bachelorette, it’s a NO.

It’s Random

It’s Random: It just happens. There is no fixed date. I personally can not look forward to something when I cannot place a date on it. Randomly walk up to someone and ask when Easter is. They probably know it happens March/April but they cant give you a figure.

The randomness, goes beyond the date. I cannot define it in words but theres this random feeling of what is this all about, why are we even having this holiday.

Is it really Happy Easter?

Happy Easter: Maybe it’s just where I live but no one greets you happy Easter like they do Christmas. They probably dont even remember. For them, it is like let this holiday pass and let me get back to work. The only time people want to go back to work eh. Just kidding!

easter celebration
I am the dude at the back!

But, Happy Easter to those of you who love it!

It’s Quiet

It’s Quiet: There isn’t much that happens during Easter. You rarely find Easter celebrations or parties. Well maybe if you go to church you can listen to a sermon on why Christ has risen and listen to some hymns. But after, you go home and sleep just like you do every Sunday thats all.

Short Memories

Memories: If you ask people to tell you about Easter then only have childhood memories. When I was a child we did this

When I was a kid my mum and dad did that.

childhood memories! funny but cute

They really can’t tell you what they have done as an adult for Easter.

So that makes me know that for my age feeling like Easter is whatever is just normal. I think adults are just meant to let the message behind Easter sizzle within but the celebration and games are for the kids.

BUT. Maybe when Im a mom I will love it so you can come back later and read why I ABSOLUTELY love Easter If I ever do.

If you like Easter or hate Easter I really would love to read it. At least, I will know theres plenty of me.

  • Don Coleman

    I agree. I hate the clothes, the candy, the boiled eggs, the pastel colors, all of it really.
    Worst holiday candy, period.

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