hwo to deal with lack of motivation in college

Ditching Time Wasters and Staying Motivated in College

College frustration is a real thing. If you are not careful it can suck the life out of you and at that point all you want to do is quit.

I remember feeling this way when I started college but that was not an option for me.

The deadlines, the complicated assignments, the long essays, the shitty food, the broke life, balancing social life, the professors with really ridiculous rules and syllabus. Honestly, theres so much I can list because it really was too much.

And it got worse!

I had to switch schools halfway during my time in college. Asides facing the challenges that caused me to switch at the time, I also had to deal with adapting to this new school.

It took a while to figure out how to cope as a freshman in my first college, now that I made the switch, even though I continued from where I stopped, I still felt brand new in the new school.

I felt out of place for a while, really frustrated and at some point I said college wasnt for me.

But the truth is, I really wanted to finish college and I had to focus on finding ways to keep myself motivated

how to stay motivated in college

Here are some ways to stay motivated in college

Surround yourself with the right people

Surrounding yourself with motivated people is really important and I learned that at the two colleges I attended in different ways. Having the right people around you is really key.

They do not need to be the smartest in the room or quite frankly the most motivated. However, they should have a purpose. They should understand the reason why they are in school and be working towards completing their degree successfully.

In my first college, I did have some friends like that. It was nice knowing that they had their eyes on the prize and being around them was great because it felt encouraging.

You could meet them for assistance on an assignment because they went to class. You could ask them to be group partners on an assignment because you know they will get the work dont.

They were reliable and that was motivating because I had confidence we would get through the struggle together

The second time went a little different

I had a really difficult time making friends in my 2nd college. I was new, I came in my 3rd year and so people already had built relationships so it was hard for me to form one. If I tried, I just felt pushy so I didnt try

This one person I eventually made friends with was a complete time waster

We would miss the bus to class because she won’t stick to the bus schedule, we would talk about unrelated topics in class, and she wont make it early for study sessions.

It was really difficult keeping up and she was the only friend I had at the time. If I had ditched her then I will go back to being all alone on campus.

It was so easy for me to ditch her was because I really didnt have a problem with being alone and honestly could spare myself the unnecessary conversations.

And trust me, I didn’t have to worry about the awkwardness in class because she won’t show up anyways.


It was just hard because I had to rely on myself to make it to class so I don’t miss what the professor announces. I had to depend on myself to make complete and accurate notes. If I was sick I didnt have anyone to give me a recap about the previous class.

Imagine feeling you can’t keep up with college and surrounding yourself with people who arent interested in keeping up as well. People like this tend to constantly complain about college and college stress without working to improve.

If you are not careful, you will begin to internalize what they are saying and this will re-inforce the frustrations you held about college. So, protect your environment and the energy you allow in your circle.


 Honestly cant stress this enough but planning is really crucial. It is one of the most practical ways to stay motivated in college. Without planning you will find yourself going in circles and that can be really frustrating.

Planning looks like this;

Plan your assignment deadline

Plan your timetable

Plan what courses you want to take

Plan what time you want to take those course

Do your research and plan what professors you want to take those classes with

Plan when you will pick your courses so you are not on the waitlist

Nothing beats planning

Before I picked any course, I always researched the professor on ratemyprofessor.com. I read the reviews and I took the rating of the professor into consideration. I compared the different professors for the course to determine which one I would take.

I really did not need any professor giving me high blood pressure so I just stayed away from them. This doesnt mean a good rating will mean an easy course but if the past students lie the professor then you just might.

I lived far so I stayed clear of early morning classes and also just preferred my classes in the afternoon. It gave me more time to prepare for tests if I had one and more time to sleep so Im not sleepy in class

I also didn’t pick back to back classes just in case I had test the same day or assignments due. I tried to space them out as much as I could or even put them on different days.

How you plan and organize yourself is up to you. Just make sure it is convenient. You dont want to have two tests in a day and be trying not to miss the early morning bus. Take your time to find what works for you and stick to it.

Change courses/program if you need to

Remember it is not how far but how well. You want to make sure you are graduating with the best grades you can possibly have. You don’t need to be stuck studying the course your parents picked out for you. It’s not a dress, its your future.

Why study something you do not see yourself doing or what is the point of doing an elective course that you hate when you have options?

If the course you started with doesnt spark your interest, change it. Having interest in what you are doing will motivate you to keep pushing even if when the course is challenging.

Focus on the bigger picture

I think understanding that college is a phase can help focus on the bigger picture. Just knowing that it is a 4 years journey and not a lifetime. And every day that passes is a countdown to the day I bag that degree and walk on that stage looking beautiful.

Just like you beat the odds to complete high school to get here, you can also do the same for your dream job.

It really kept me grounded. Whenever I felt like I cant do this I would just tell myself I am halfway of the journey already and I just need to persevere a little more.

You can’t be a doctor without a degree right?

No matter how many how to get away with murder you enjoy watching, you are still not a lawyer

Quick tip: watching shows can also be a great source of motivation. They are not always realistic but just seeing people do what you will love to do in future can keep the excitement going.

But now

I also convinced myself that I wont need any more school after this

Even though that isnt necessarily true, if I decide to pursue higher education

But ultimately, I have the power to decide that now because I have gotten my undergraduate out of the way.

These are some ways that i dealt with the lack of motivation i faced in college. how did you deal with yours?

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