the best college planner and academic planner that college and university students need for efficient time management and productivity

6 College Academic Planners Students Need for Productivity

When it comes to college, classes, assignments, deadlines, essays just to name a few. I have first-hand experience of the stress that college life can pose upon you. In fact, you are so stressed out that not doing the work can’t be worse than the amount of overwhelm you are currently feeling

Here’s the truth, the work won’t stop but it has to get done if you ever want to finish college

So, here’s what to do instead

Get a college planner and start planning, organizing and scheduling your workload as well as other things you have outlined to do e.g family, extracurricular. If you need help with time management, I have an informative post that you can read on time blocking

That said, here are some of the most talked about college and academic planner on the market and why you should get a college or academic planner

What is a College or Academic Planner?

A planner is a digital or physical book where you plan and schedule relevant tasks, appointments, agendas and goals. It is also a place to store relevant and important information, thoughts, and ideas. A college or academic school planner works the same way however, it is designed with a student’s lifestyle in mind. With an academic planner, you can keep track of your classes, scores, assignments, habits etc. That said, a student can still use a regular planner efficiently and achieve same results

Should I get a College Planner?

Short answer is ABSOLUTELY! Everyone needs a planner regardless of what stage they are in life. Whether you are a freshman in college, final year student, or you are a working professional you need a planner. Granted, not everyone can keep up with a planner, just like everything in life, we need consistent effort. But a planner when used properly, keeps you organized and helps reduce overwhelm. 

As a student, you have many due dates, assignments, readings, midterms, extracurricular activities, and tasks that you need to complete. You cannot possibly memorize all the tasks and due dates, and you should not, that is what planners are there for. They help you keep track of what you need to do, when you need to do it, your goals and important appointment so you do not occupy your mind with this information. Regardless of if you prefer a digital planner or a physical planner, get in the habit of planning your day and watch yourself become more productive

What is the Best Planner for College Students?

Hard Cover Academic Year Planner by Global Printed Products

The global printed academic year planners are notable for having a very durable cover that most people appreciate. In fact, the company claims it’s harder than a U.S nickel. If durability is very important to you, then certainly look no further. The academic planners start from June and run through July the next year which is typically a school year calendar. They come in different patterns and sizes giving you a wide variety to choose from.

One unique thing about this planner is that the planning sheets have a blue theme and fonts running through it which makes it beautiful.  In addition, they have added 175 sticky notes, ruler and planning stickers to make your journal more aesthetically pleasing

Price: $16.95


  • hardcover academic Year 2020-2021 Planner
  • runs from June 2020 to July 2021
  • Size: 5.5″x8″
  • Daily Weekly Monthly Planner Yearly pages
  • Matching Bookmark, Planning Stickers, Pocket Folder, and Sticky Note Set
  • diverse cover patterns to choose from

Common questions people have about it and the answer

  1. Does this planner have a section to keep track of login information for accounts?

The planner does specifically come with a section to store and keep track of login information however it does have blank sheets to add any additional information or note. That being said, It is not particularly a smart idea to write down your login credentials in a planner

2. When are the dimensions? -not specifically, but blank pages at the end or any additional notes

The global printed academic planner come in two vary sizes. The regular size is 8.5 x 11 and a medium size 5.5 x 8

What most people like about it based on reviews

Based on the overall review, most people like the thick sturdy hardcover for durability and easy transportation especially if it is mostly going to be in a backpack. Also, the planner comes with lots of space to make detailed notes, appointments and better overall planning. There will be no need to squeeze or shorten your words or like some planners make you do

What most people don’t like about it based on reviews

Ironically, quite a few people complain about the planner having thin sheets. However, it might not be too much of a bother as the sheets are protected within the thick durable cover

My thoughts

This is a good budget-friendly option for people who like to write a lot in their planner and need room for that.  However, this academic planner to me is more of an everyday planner as opposed to an academic planner for college students. Although certain students will find value out of it, it might also not be the best option for students who need specific sections tailored like assignments, class schedule etc tailored towards them. Also they do have very beautiful design patterns for the cover but for a minimalist , it could be a bit much

Academic planner for July 2020 – June 2021 by lemome

With over 7100 reviews and an average 4.8 out of 5 stars, the academic planner by Lemome seems to be a favourite for a lot of people. The planner made A5 sheets come with a yearly overview, weekly and monthly spreads, a section to write down contacts and a list of all holidays throughout the year

It also comes with 80 blank pages for note taking or journaling. The manufacturers also added monthly calendar stickers to create tabs for each month as you go and a pen holder which makes writing quick

Price: $21.99


  • Faux leather cover that comes in two colour (blue and brown) and two sizes (5.75 x 8.25 and 8.5 x 11)
  • 2 ribbon bookmarks
  • 12 months consisting of monthly and weekly pages
  • Monthly, weekly, and daily spreads with note sections to help you write down detailed plans for your appointments 
  • Holidays, time zones and calendar stickers

Common questions people have about it and the answer

What is the size?

The planner comes in two sizes listed in the feature section. In terms of content, pages are almost the same but with slight adjustments

What most people like about it based on reviews

People mainly appreciate the fact that this planner comes with a pen holder and I can totally relate. The convenience of having a pen hanging by the side when you need to write is such a planner blessing. 

What most people don’t like about the Lemome academic planner based on reviews

Most critical reviews about the Lemome academic planner comes from the construction of the planner itself. Even though the planner claims to have A5 premium thick sheets, some people report ink bleeds and also have issues sturdiness of the cover

My thoughts

I like the flexibility to choose between two different sizes. I also think that the colour options are a bit limited. Maybe even just plain black or white added would be fine

Erin Condren 2020-2021 Academic Planner

Erin Condren and the Erin Condren brand are very big names in the notebook, planner and stationery space. They are most notable for their life planner which has gotten tons of positive feedbacks including millions in revenue

When it comes to planners, they have a huge and almost endless selection. The Erin Condren store currently has life planner, teacher lesson planner, monthly planners, academic planner, wedding planner etc. They also have sticker books, stationeries and a different accessory to spice up your planning pages

Price: From $37


  • Size: 7 x 9
  • Customizable: interchangeable covers, hard coiled or soft-bound planner option
  • Weekly, monthly, yearly planning spreads
  • Dedicated pages for tracking classes, goals, events, projects and exams
  • Dedicated to-do list section within spread
  • Planning sticker sheets
  • Blank pages for additional notes
  • Plethora of styles and colours with mid-century designs

What most people like about it based on reviews

Overall people like the fact that it comes with sections that student find very useful e.g projects and exams

What most people do not like about it based on reviews

There are a few complaints that soft bound version is not as thick and durable as the hard-coiled version

My thoughts: The Erin Condren academic planner is a proper and functional academic planner made with students in mind. It is specially designed for student and that is what makes it unique. With that said, the price is not student friendly. It is quite pricey and might not be the best option for a student on a budget

Day Designer for Blue Sky 2020 – 2021 Academic Yearly Daily & Monthly Planner

The Day Designer Academic planner is pretty much designed for everyone not just students. The planner starts with a section to write down your big picture, like a vision board. It is a page for you to brainstorm the things you a want in every aspect of your life. It also consists of monthly and daily planning pages. I specifically like the daily pages because they give you a space to time blocking unlike many planner

Price: $35.99`


  • July 2020 – June 2021
  • Size: 8.5 X 11
  • Monthly tabs for easy referencing and direction
  • Monthly and weekly planning pages
  • Planning prompts and instructions
  • Goal-setting pages
  • Storage pocket
  • Contacts, important dates, and holidays for reference

What most people like about it based on reviews

Overall, people like the structure and layout of the day designer planner. It makes for easy planning

What most people do not like about it based on reviews

A lot of people were dissatisfied with inside the planner being teal in colour as opposed to pink based on the pictures that were advertised. I can totally understand why that can be issue for people, especially if that was what they made their purchase decision on.

My thoughts: Like I said initially, it is a planner for everyone not specifically an academic planner. However, it gives you the ability to time block your day which I think every student will benefit. Time blocking is a great way to stay organized and be accountable for how you use your time.

Bloom Daily Planners 2020 – 2021 Academic Year Planner

The bloom daily planners are like beautiful pre-made bullet journals. They come with the beautiful colour scheme and fancy letterings. They also have the typical everyday bullet journal pages like the habit trackers, goal trackers and expense tracker. If you are someone who enjoys a bullet journal but do not have the time or know how to create bullet journal pages, this bloom daily planner might be worth checking out

What most people like about it based on reviews

The bloom daily planners so far have an almost perfect review from those who cared enough to share their thoughts. People who used it love the sticker sheets and the overall quality of the planner

Price: $16.95


  • July 2020 – July 2021
  • Size: 6 x 8.25
  • Spacious monthly and weekly spreads
  • Free sticker sheets and bookmark
  • Other pages: habit tracking, expense tracking, vision board, website login etc

My thoughts: The bloom daily academic is affordable which I like because student planners need to be priced with consideration. They are beautiful and made with intentionality. You can tell the creators are interested in teaching you how to stay organized and productive. A first-time journal or planner user will appreciate the planning prompts and coaching’s that the planner comes with.  

Class Tracker 2020 – 2021 College Edition Planner

The college edition 2020-2021 class tracker planner is specially designed for students. It is designed in collaboration with actual students who understand the needs and the overwhelm that students face in college. 

Price: $25


  • Size: 7 x 8.5
  • Dated from august-june
  • Weekly and monthly pages for college student life
  • Pages for class schedule
  • Goal setting and note pages

What most people like about it based on reviews

The layout of the planner allows for effective organization and people love that. People also reviewed that their package came quickly

What most people don’t like about it based on reviews

So far there hasn’t been any dislike for the product itself but would be updating the article as time goes

My thoughts: As far as a college or academic planner goes, the college edition class tracker planner just might be the most appropriate

In conclusion, there is more to be a student than being a student. College students have different aspects of their life that needs planning and organizing. Whether you work as a student or you have a baby to care for as a student, make your selection on what best fits your life. Most of these planners run through an academic school year but you might need one that runs through the entire year. Carefully select what you deem appropriate and make the best of it.

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