essential college items that every dorm room needs to have both for girls and guys , its a must-have

College Dorm Room Essentials Everyone Needs to Have

I remember just moving into my college room with myself and my luggage full of clothes and that was it

I didn’t think there was anything I could possibly ever need

I imagined a place where everything would be available and college life will be easy and the hard part would be figuring out my classes

I could not have been more wrong

To my defense, I was an international student so I wasn’t very familiar with the essentials you need in college neither did I have anyone who could give me proper advice on the things that I needed for school

At the back of my mind, I felt the school would make sure we had everything for our convenience

Little did I know

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Even though, this is going to be a list of a few essential Items you need in college, it is not going to be the same for all

I highly suggest you check out my article on college dorm shopping mistakes first, before you purchase anything at all from anywhere

Every school is different and so are the dorm room sizes and available appliances. Before you go shopping, there are a few things you need to note so you don’t make these common mistakes

I had a room to myself in my first year and even though I had a “roommate”, the only thing that connected us was a bathroom. However, I had friends in suite style unit so they pretty much had a house and room to themselves but shared the common area.

With that being said, what I will need for my room, may not apply to them as they have a semi- furnished suite to themselves

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essential dorm room items that everyone needs to get when dorm shopping for college

But, if you are on the same boat I was, here are a few essential items you may need

You can click the images to direct you straight to where you can get them

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The idea of having a fridge in your room is so dense considering the size of college dorms but somehow it happens to be a must-have item.

When you run out of meal-plan dollars (whatever it’s called in your school) and you have to pay out of pocket for every not so great cafeteria meal, you will wish you had a fridge. Sometimes having cold water or drink can become a struggle after cafeteria hours because you either have to always purchase from a vending machine or some restaurant. The great thing about having a fridge is you can meal prep and store, if you do buy food outside there is a place to preserve it, you can fill your bottles with water and drinks during cafeteria hours and keep in the fridge for when you need it. Without a fridge, the basic things become so hard to get when you are working according to school hours. To make it easy and save yourself some time, just get a mini fridge

Coffee Maker

If you are an avid coffee drinker like me, your day doesn’t start until a cup of coffee. If you also like to wake up late for classes, the last thing you want to do when you are late is get on a long Starbucks queue waiting to be served. Asides from that, college days aren’t particularly the richest times of your life, so why waste money on a cup of coffee every morning when you can save by making your own. Coffee makers aren’t that expensive and will end up saving you a lot more in college.

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Movable Storage

Storage’s are so multi-purpose in function. They serve as great stands for other items in your college dorm, serve as convenient sitting areas for friends, they add an element of design to your dorm and they are of course such a great way to reduce clutter in the room. They work well regardless of it they are movable or not. However, I prefer them movable because they make moving things around convenient

First-Aid Kit/Non-prescription drugs

A first-aid kit with a few non-prescription medications will serve you through the days of college. Whether it’s a slight cut, headache, menstrual pain or stomach upset, you will need some form of pain killers. The thing is, residence life and college staff are usually hesitant to hand you some form of medication when you need it and you have to understand. They don’t want to be liable for whatever happens to you, so they refer you to a doctor instead. Not everything requires a doctor. In fact, you might have to pay a consultation fee every time you visit a doctor even for the slightest reason. So, first-aid can serve as quick-fixes for minor pain

However, you should see a doctor if the symptoms persists

You can also build your own kit with a few tools from amazon, if you are don’t like the designs or content

Portable Charger

Everyone can point back to an instance in their life when they were on the go that they wish they had a portable charger on them because their phone died. I am constantly using my phone to jot down a few ideas on my notes or journal which means I need it to be charged up. If you are commuting every day between school and work, you also need a portable charger. Except you are in one place every day with a nearby plug, a portable charger is definitely a must have for you.

This brings me to the end of this article. Although, these are “must-haves” for your college dorm, you can start purchasing when the need arises. This is not to say you can’t do without them because I miserably survived without these dorm room items. But, it definitely pays to have them on arrival, especially since they make life a whole lot easier in college

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