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About me

HI! my name is Kennie. Thank you for stopping by!

Here, I write about being a young adult and the overwhelm that comes with it.

As a young adult, I am in the phase of constantly learning and unlearning the hard way.

I share my lifestyle experiences in the form of blog posts. I also talk about the mistakes and lessons I had to learn the easy and hard way.

From starting to pay bills to poor financial management to college struggles to finding purpose and every day keeping up I bare it all.

I know i’m not the only one who feels this way..

Most of my posts are to help make young adulting a little bit easier but without the judgement of people. Honestly, there is no better age to make the mistakes than now. Don’t feel guilty just learn from it.

oh! by the way, I live in Canada and I occasionally enjoy politics so I may talk about them a little bit here and there. But, ultimately, I hope you enjoy reading them as I do writing it.

Thank you!

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