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7 Fun Quarantine Graduation Ideas For Students

It’s that time of the year again when we toss up our caps in celebration. Only that, this time celebrations are going to look a lot different.

but before we go into the celebrations or lack thereof let me tell you a quick “short” story

I have always hated graduation ceremonies, I loved the idea of graduating but those long ceremonies for me they were a complete nightmare. Recently, I started thinking of why I had so much hatred for graduation and then it hit me.

At this point I’m sure you are like, this is not what I am here for but just stay with me please

I hated graduation ceremonies because growing up when I was in high school, I was that kid that never received any academic awards or medals and graduation day for me was my parents mostly mom sitting in a crowd watching other parents scream and applaud at the names of their children receiving awards and being recognized for their academic achievements and sometimes my brothers and cousins just not me. I was always just embarrassed felt really dumb and different

Fast forward years later, I went to university, tried maintaining a good GPA for a while then got suspended, went through thick and thin with that, got into another university and finished on the deans honours roll but unfortunately, my University went on strike.

Just like this pandemic, the strike ruined everything. Everything was put on hold and when the strike was over the rest of the semester just wasn’t the same. The one time I finally had that opportunity to be recognized for my academic achievement even after all the hiccups, it didn’t happen. The ceremony plans were so rushed, the school did not have enough time to even prepare a proper program for the ceremony unlike the previous years. In fact, there was almost no graduation.

I say this to say, I understand the feeling of a big moment being taken away from you.

In this era of social and physical distancing, we have to find creative and unique ways to come together and celebrate milestones in our lives. And College or high highschool graduations are certainly no exception.

who says we can’t do things differently and still have a lot of fun? No-one!

So here are 7 stay-at-home graduation party ideas that you will love;

Send out Invitations

Design a beautiful graduation party invitation and send them out to family and friends letting them know they are invited for whatever plans you have in mind.

Whether its a virtual house party or a Netflix party, get people to commit to your big day by sending out an invitation and having them RSVP, just like they would have done normally. Just because it’s going to be virtual doesn’t mean it can’t be formal

Netflix party

Gather your friends and families and bond over Netflix by watching an amazing movie on Netflix and chatting about it. I would personally suggest watching a tv show so you can keep the bond going for even longer but I’m sure people have other things to do. It would be the equivalent of going to the movies with your best friends and loved ones only that you aren’t in a theatre. But you can surely tell yourself that to make it feel real!

Oh, btw a good movie and tv show suggestion will be non-stop and blacklist-too good!

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Virtual Party

Host a virtual graduation party like a real graduation party. Send out invitations, decorate, make an order of ceremony, have a dress code, and even use a friend or family member as even host. Have the people you love virtually drinking, dancing, playing games, and just having a good laugh with you.

Speak to them about the journey in college and how grateful you are that it’s finally ending. Also, have them talk about you and how they feel about you graduating and their favorite memories with you. There’s no limit to what you can do in a virtual party. In fact, if you have always dreamed to be the valedictorian, now’s your chance to make it happen for yourself.  Just make it yours and have a lot of fun. There are a ton of apps that can help you achieve this virtual graduation party like Facebook, zoom, house-party, hangout, etc

Live stream a commencement ceremony

Everyone is adjusting to this new normal even the schools are making changes. From classes now being fully online to graduation ceremonies as well. If your school hasn’t organized one that’s okay just join a live stream and be a part of it.

There are going to be so many online graduation ceremonies when the time comes but I am definitely looking forward to The Obama’s and I’m not even in school anymore. Barack and Michelle Obama alongside other celebrities will be hosting a virtual nationwide graduation commencement ceremony. Here’s your chance to say the Obama’s spoke at my ceremony. And you know they never fail at inspiring and empowering you to achieve even far greater.

Decorate your space and take bomb pictures 

Your graduation day is a memory you want to cherish forever so don’t forget to take pictures. Even if you don’t do anything make sure you put on a nice outfit, wear your robe and cap and take some amazing pictures with the people around you.

You can give your space a lot more energy by decorating it with beautiful graduation decor. If you need inspiration, Pinterest has so many graduation party ideas and decorations that you can either allow to inspire your design or just copy. But don’t let the times we are in deter you from making great graduation memories. If anything, it provides more context to the memories


A wise man once said that the best way to live is in the service of other people. And in challenging times like these, we all need to look out for each other. If you can’t safely volunteer, consider donating food and supplies to the nearest foodbank or those in need. Even though your graduation isn’t happening, you can definitely put a smile on someone’s face

Plan your next steps

If these stay at home virtual parties aren’t your dig that’s totally fine.

You can use that day to express your gratitude to those who made it possible for you. Also, take time to reflect on life, your journey throughout, and your next steps post-graduation. If you are interested in holding an actual event after the lockdown, you can also spend some time brainstorming the most amazing post lockdown graduation event.

One thing is for sure, don’t stay home sad about not having the traditional graduation ceremony.

In conclusion, under normal circumstances, you will probably prefer celebrating your graduation in a different way. But, we aren’t in normal times and that shouldn’t stop anyone from making the best out of it.

To the class of 2020, Happy Graduation and praying for you to achieve greater heights!

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