lies college professors tell that turn out to be not so true

6 Lies Every College Professor Tells

Let me tell you something! As a freshman in college, it is very easy to get bamboozled into so many lies and unrealistic expectations that people set even the professors.

They tell you college is not like high school. It is different, blah and ..

If you constantly internalize the B.S you will stress yourself out even before the semester begins

As always let me make it simple for you

Here are 6 common Lies your professor will tell you that is sometimes complete garbage

Their course is the most important

No its not! Every course is equally as important and you should treat is as such.

Different courses can carry different weight but that doesn’t make the course more important or less important. It is up to you to figure out how you will plan your schedule and allocate time to complete each course work. But dont let a professor scare you into neglecting the unimportant course. If you dont do well in either, they both impact your GPA

You need them to graduate

You dont!

It is great to maintain great relationships with your professor because they can be valuable (isn’t every one tho). You may need them as a reference if you eventually choose higher education. However, you dont need a specific professor.

You can maintain great relationships with them all or none at all (just kidding)

You dont participate, you fail

Complete bull! You can excel in a class without participating.

If participation is one of the graded requirement for that course, try as much as you can to speak once in a while. You dont need to answer every question but make sure to provide meaningful contribution to class discussions.

However, if it’s not. Talking in class doesnt guarantee you an A. Read and understand your course with less talking you will do just fine.

You need to attend lecture to do well

Another lie!

While I am not a fan of truancy, you will find that it is better not to go to some classes.

I once had this monotone prof that just reads through the PowerPoint slides and call it a day. Trust me theres nothing beneficial about that kind of class. You waste gas, time, money and energy.

You can stay home, study or better still sleep and you will gain more than going to the class.

It is up to you to know when it is okay to skip a class and when you shouldnt but ultimately going to every class is not always essential to getting a good grade

Office hours are important

No No No! Not all of them.

If you do have a question or you need help clarifying a concept, office hours can be a great resource especially since its intimate. Just you and them no intrusion, however I won’t bank on it too much

They really dont tell you any extra information that you cannot find on your own. They wont give you any secrets or special advice just because you showed up. If you do so during test or exam season, they answer your questions carefully not to leave any clues

Sometimes, office hours are even just numbers on the syllabus. They put it on the syllabus because the department requires it from them. They dont show up.

You need Textbooks

You don’t need all the textbooks written on the syllabus. You may need a few but not all. Sometimes professors do include books they think will be great resource for students on the syllabus but that doesnt mean you need it for the course.

You should take your time to buy your textbooks if not it could turn out to be a complete waste of money. Not all “required” textbooks are actually required.

Try to wait two weeks into a class and observe if a text is really necessary before you purchase.

If the textbook is hardly used, you can either rent it from the bookstore or visit the library when you need it. saves you money.

Also, they may claim that you need the latest version of a text. If it is the same author, it may just be a few changes here and there you dont need to buy the latest version. You can stick to the old edition that is cheaper.

You all performed poorly

A bad grade doesnt always mean you performed poorly. Sometimes they have unrealistic expectations.

Asides that, the department requires that they keep the grades in the course below a certain average. Not sure why. Maybe they don’t want it looking too easy or hard but trust me I have had professors tell this numerous times.

Let’s not forget the over-excited teaching assistants. Its their first time getting the job so they tend to be strict for no reason. I guess thats their way of letting you know, they now their stuff

While you should aim to get good grade, just know a little bit of bias can go into why your grade is a certain way even when you put in the effort.

Quick tip: If you are writing an essay, and you are out of time, spend time on the introduction and conclusion. They dont always get to read the entire 2000 words paper for every student. They read the first page, skim through the rest and read the end. A good intro and a little bit of BS in the middle and a good conclusion will serve you well.

There are so much more I haven’t listed here but it will also be nice to hear some things your professor advised that wasn’t so necessary

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