Here are simple habits costing you money in your 20's and how to deal with it. On a college budget there ae habits we indulge in that can get pretty expensive especially when you are trying to save money and get out of those student loan debt quickly. Learn how you can deal with them and start managing your finances easily and quickly

5 Simple Habits Costing You Money In Your 20’s

Let me start by saying “I’m guilty” and you will find out why as you keep reading

But here’s the thing,

Spending money on these things are not necessarily bad habits but they are expensive to maintain.

However, if you can minimize how much money you allocate to them, you will find yourself in a space where you can manage your finances well most especially if you are in college or just figuring out your adulting life

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simple everyday habits costing you money to help manage your finances better especially in your 20's

Here are simple every day habits costing you money in your 20’s;

Eating Out

Cooking is a struggle for most millennial’s especially when you are in college. If you stay in college dorms, and there are no kitchens with a working stove, you will find yourself constantly eating out.  Even though, I am out of college, I still find it really stressful to make meals sometimes because I never got into the habit of always making my food.  But, the truth is I will be a lot healthier if I did cook and my bank account will be a lot fatter.

In a previous article, I shared my uber eats story and how embarrassed I felt after speaking with the bank

Most times, we spend a lot of money eating out because we are too lazy to cook or don’t know how to cook. Without realizing that if we saved half that money every month, we would have enough in our savings. Even if you didn’t end up saving (although saving is always a great idea) but disciplined yourself enough to manage it, you won’t have to worry much at the end of the month when you have to pay real bills that keeps the light on.

Quite frankly, most of us know this already but lack the discipline to manage money in college especially in an environment where most people aren’t and I get it, because I have been there. But, if you don’t form the habit of making your own meals and packing your lunch earlier, it doesn’t get easier when you get older at least not for me.

I remember one time, I ordered food from this place, and the person invited me in to come pick the food. I was so disgusted by the sight of the kitchen but what could I do. I already paid even if I wanted to cancel the order right then, I couldn’t say, your kitchen is disgusting as my reason. I’m sure some people probably don’t have an issue saying it straight like that, I just can’t

As I ate the food, I just kept picturing the place again and I was disgusted. Never went back. Now I just order and leave!

It is okay to treat and reward yourselves once in a while don’t get me wrong. Tbh, if you lived your life critical and conscious about everything you will drive yourselves nuts. A little burger here and there won’t hurt nobody.

But as a millennial, I know buying food is more like a lifestyle than an occasional treat.

It takes conscious efforts and discipline to stop. I know because I have tried but I have relapsed a couple of times.

However, finding time to meal prep is a good way to start. I find that I am less inclined to go out and get food when I have some in the fridge. If you do need help with some meal prep ideas whether you are trying to gain, lose, maintain weight or simply just eat to survive, Pinterest is definitely your go to source for mouth-watering recipes.


Sign me up!

I sign up for everything. Even things I don’t need, I still do because there is a free trial and I am always curiosity. Not the smartest thing, I tell you

Here’s why?

Sometimes we sign up for free trials and various unnecessary subscriptions and eventually forget we had them because they just didn’t serve any purpose. At the beginning stage of most free trials, they usually request you put in your bank details which is okay at first because you aren’t getting charges anyways. The problem is you sign up for it and then you forget your bank account is connected

After the trial is up, they begin to charge you every month. But, because the monthly subscriptions is so little, you don’t even notice the amount leaving your account monthly

For example; Netflix

You sign up for Netflix for the first time and you get a free trial. You forget you have it and don’t use it. That is $14 coming off your account every month. You don’t find out for a year that is $168 that went to nothing.

Another is amazon prime. Imagine paying for a monthly subscription for a service you rarely use. That is simply not the smartest financial thing to do on a college budget. You could easily use a friend’s account if you needed to purchase something that one time in a year that you had to

These services are great if you use them but if you don’t that’s just a waste of money

Recently, I got charged over $200 for a service I forgot I had and never used from the day I signed up. Getting a refund from them was smooth, but this doesn’t always happen. There are companies that don’t give refunds after a certain period of time

It is easily avoidable if you stop paying for subscriptions you don’t need or use frequently. When you do sign up for free trials, make sure to deactivate your card after the service has been set up

Better still;

If you must use a Netflix or apple music subscription, get on a family plan or shared plan and split the cost between your friends. You save more money and you don’t lose much if you forget


This is probably the most notorious considering we probably drink it every day.

Actually, I feel my day hasn’t started till I drink a cup of coffee

Enjoying a cup of coffee isn’t the problem but how much you spend on it is what sucks!

When everyone talks about expensive coffee, they mention Starbucks and it is really pricey for coffee, but yet we all still buy it

Truth be told, you never just leave with a cup of latte, you will probably get something to snack along with it, and that also costs.  

Starbucks is a great company but if you buy their coffee every day on minimum wage salary you are intentionally setting yourself up for the broke college life

Even billionaire Kevin O’Leary says he will never buy coffee for $2.50. He says he will rather pay 18 cents and invest the rest. You can check out the short video here, it is educative but also funny

I find that I save a significant amount of money every month when I make my own coffee than when I purchase. Instead of buying $5 worth of coffee every day, a $5 container of instant coffee powder will last you two months and save you ($5*60days=$120)

Best part is, it only takes 2 minutes to make. So you can skip the wait and save yourself time and money


Whew! Smoking is a very expensive habit.

Asides the side effects of smoking, it costs a ton to keep up with the lifestyle

We could also add the cost of weed if you do buy some.

If you are a heavy smoker, it will cost about $100 a month to keep up with the lifestyle and $1200 a year.

Obviously, it is not just something you can suddenly stop in a day because it does get addicting. But you can reduce how much you budget and spend on packs of cigarettes and grams of weed and for a start


People’s opinion on this may differ and that is okay. But I don’t t believe you need to tip every time you purchase food and drink from a restaurant especially when you are in college and trying to manage the little you have. Tipping has become more normative than an actual appreciation for a gesture. Sometimes, you still feel compelled to tip even after less than stellar service

Everyone is tipping, I get it! If you have the money to then great but…

As a young adult, trying to find your balance and struggling to support yourself, you can save on the tipping because regardless they still get paid. Even if they don’t get paid enough, you probably don’t have enough too.


If you don’t have it, don’t feel ashamed to pass on it.

Like I said earlier, it is okay to spend on yourself and these things are not bad habits for the most part, however when done in excess can ruin your ability to manage your monthly budget.

Now that we are finally at the end, of this post, please share with someone you think needs to hear this and leave a comment to share your opinion.

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