101 goals that every college student can implement how set goals for college or university and maximize productivity

101 Goals for College and University Students that You Can Start to Implement now

When it comes to college life and college living, we all have similar aspirations. So, whether you are a freshman in college or you are in your final year at university just about to graduate, we each want to come out on top being the best version of ourselves

But how can you do that if you have no goals?

If you are thinking of implementing new short-term or long term-goals , here are 101 ideas to help you get started in achieving your dreams. 

Start setting SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound) goals in your academic, personal, career and financial life

“Goals are essential to success, as air is to life”


  1. Improve GPA by 1 Point or more
  2. Visit office hours with professor or TA at least once a month
  3. Study for 1 hour everyday 
  4. Alway come to class prepared
  5. Ask more questions in class
  6. Think before you speak
  7. Attend study group sessions at least once every 2 weeks
  8. Try not to skip a class
  9. Get to class on time
  10. Make friends in class
  11. Make friends with professor/TA
  12. Start Research Papers and Assignments 1 week before the due date
  13. Always ask for feedback
  14. Pick a major you are interested in
  15. Enroll in a study abroad program
  16. Have a study/accountability partner
  17. Always take hand-written notes
  18. Colour code your notes and subheadings
  19. Practice essay writing
  20. Learn how to construct a good thesis
  21. Keep your notes and texts organized
  22. Revise lecture notes after class
  23. Create mind maps
  24. Create flash cards
  25. Quiz yourself on concepts and definitions
  26. Make use of syllabus
  27. Read ahead of class 
  28. Do your prerequisites and your corequisites before random courses
  29. Complete major requirements 
  30. Find a study spot
  31. Create study plan
  32. Block social media or distracting website while studying
  33. Always challenge yourself to do better


  1. Create a savings goal
  2. Implement a no-spend challenge month
  3. Save towards emergency funds
  4. Budget income every month
  5. Pay off credit card in full monthly
  6. Reduce number of paid subscriptions
  7. Set up pre-authorized payment
  8. Keep track of your finances 
  9. Pay all bills on time
  10. Find creative ways to make money
  11. Build your credit history
  12. Maintain a good credit score
  13. Don’t pay interest to institution
  14. Always use student discounts
  15. Use a credit card that gives rewards-cash back or points
  16. Shop less
  17. Buy cheap textbooks
  18. Rent textbooks
  19. Live below you means


  1. Eat healthy
  2. Create a morning routine
  3. Date yourself
  4. Practice self care 
  5. Practice self love
  6. Protect your energy
  7. Explore your hobbies
  8. Goals before bros
  9. Create a vision board
  10. Maintain good habits
  11. Live in peace with your roommate
  12. Keep your dorm neat and organized
  13. Let go of toxic people
  14. Care less about what people say or do
  15. Do what makes you happy
  16. Work out 
  17. Respect everyone 
  18. Take your friends out on individual dates
  19. Maintain healthy friendships
  20. Maintain a healthy relationship
  21. Express yourself nicely
  22. Show more affection to the people you love
  23. Gift the people you care about
  24. Remember family is everything and stay in touch
  25. Pray
  26. Show kindness to people
  27. Practice journaling
  28. Always stay grateful
  29. Party less
  30. Eat-out less
  31. Keep a positive mindset irrespective of what’s going on
  32. Track your goals 
  33. Track your habits
  34. Read self help books
  35. Listen to podcasts
  36. Use your phone less
  37. Travel to new places
  38. Explore different cultures
  39. Always stay inspired


  1. Engage in extracurricular activities
  2. Stay in touch with the career centre in school
  3. Go to networking events
  4. Stay on the lookout for internship opportunities
  5. Apply for internship opportunities when they are available
  6. Volunteer as often as you can
  7. Work an entry level part time position in your field
  8. Collect business cards and build contact list
  9. Develop your interview skills
  10. Learn effective communication

To conclude, If you have dreams but don’t know where to start with planning, take this list and set your own achievable goals. This list is not exhaustive, but it is a great place to start. Make sure you actually take steps towards working on your goals

See you at the Top!

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