take online courses and classes and learn science, design, social media and digital marketing and much more. take your skills to an advanced level from world ranking universities like Harvard, MIT,Google

10 Websites to Learn Anything For Free

Knowledge is power and when you stop seeking you feel powerless..

Ok! Not really.. Just wanted to sound deep in the intro

But… the greatest investment you can make, is an investment in yourself and one of the price to pay is seeking knowledge

An even better deal, is when you get it for free

With that being said, I have outlined some of the best websites to get free online courses and classes that you can take advantage of to start learning graphic design, coding, business, fitness and nutrition , data science and so much more. 

Most of the websites listed here, allow you to go as far as earning online bachelors and masters degree as well as certificates from world ranking institutions and companies like Harvard, MIT, Google etc

Some of these courses are taught by experts in the field and unlike actual universities and colleges you don’t have to break the bank or get into debt to get it

You learn at your own pace, on your time in the comfort of your own home

Tip: College,Universities and Companies are notorious for partnering with some of the companies listed to provide learning opportunities for their students and staff. Before you pay extra for any premium service, check to see if your institution is one of their affiliated partners. And if they are, it makes it even better. 


Coursera participates with 190+ leading universities and companies to bring you world-class  learning. Some of their partners include Google, IBM, Imperial College London and more. If you want to be wowed by their list of partners then check it here. They offer courses, quizzes and projects with certification that are all self-paced. If you are ready to get your online bachelors or masters degree, or your Google and IBM certificate  or perhaps just expanding your knowledge then join other 45 million students for free 


skillshare offers unlimited access to thousands of classes in business, lifestyle, photography and design. Skillshare has an insane amount of courses and you most definitely will find anything you want to learn. Skillshare is free for the first two months and after that it costs $15 monthly, which is still a really low price to pay for what they offer. But to be honest, with immense dedication, 2 months is enough to learn a new skill. Don’t you think? Take advantage of skillshare while you can


HTML,CSSPython,JavaScript… Do you know what they are? No

You don’t need to because codecademy is for anyone even the beginner with zero experience. Code academy uses a roadmap system to get you from beginner to expert. Their basic plan is free with the option to upgrade to pro for free too, then after $19.99 monthly. Imagine being a computer genius for $19.99 instead of $20,000 student loan debt

I know you are so excited to learn all the languages at once but take their quiz so they can recommend a starting point for you

You must be so excited to start already. I know I am

Lynda.com is a learning platform powered by  linkedin. Their mission is to help you learn any skills in business, software, technology and creativity to help achieve your personal and professional goals. They offer over 100 thousand courses in about five different languages. And you can get started for absolutely zero cost and if you enjoy it so much their paid plan is $13.99 same as your netflix account


With over 1,000 courses and 14 million students, alison.com allows full access to courses on a free plan with pro plan giving additional features like CV builder and an ad free experience.They believe that free education has the power to breakthrough boundaries and transform lives


Pluralsight is another learning platform focused on expanding knowledge through technology. More Than Codecademy, they offer training for people interested in learning programming languages,web and mobile development, data science, cyber and web security. If this sounds interesting to you, then you can get started for free with pluralsight


Edx is a global non-profit platform founded by Harvard and MIT. Their goal is to provide high quality education while at the same time removing the barriers that hinders quality education like cost, location and access. With online courses from top ranking universities like Harvard, MIT, Berkely they offer subjects in different programs


Youtube has over 50 million content creators on its platform. Depending on where your interests lie, you will find someone you can learn from. While you can’t necessarily vouch for the quality of the information, it can be a starting point

Content Creators and Influencers

Just go to the source. Interestingly, people have found creative ways to capitalize on their skills and expertise. If you know an expert, guru, influencer, content creator or whatever they go by, within the field that interests you, check out their page. You will be surprised to find that some of them have personal websites where they offer “freebies” like tutorials, webinars, ebooks, checklist etc. If they don’t have a personal website, email them and if they are nice enough just like me, they will respond with useful and helpful information.


The most powerful search engine houses pretty much every information you need to know. It can be time consuming and there’s no structure to learning. But, if you have exhausted all your free trials and simply can’t afford a paid plan, knowledge is free 

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